Man using system analytics to audit his business

The Importance of System Analytics and Audits for Your Business

The operations of most businesses are dependent on the performance of their IT systems. Failing to recognise threats or identify possible upgrades, or even to fully understand how your IT system should operate, can hinder business performance and create numerous security issues. Undertaking a ...

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Refinancing your home can ease your financial situation when applied correctly

Should You Consider Refinancing Your Home?

If you have ever thought about a new mortgage to reduce repayments and interest or if you’ve needed cash for a large purchase, then you may like to consider refinancing. Put simply, refinancing is the process of securing a new mortgage to replace a current mortgage. Refinancing can provide some ...

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Lockwood Partners is proud to be a platinum partner of Xero

Switching to Online Accounting Technology – The Benefits of Xero

Lockwood Partners have recently been recognised as a Platinum Partner with the cloud accounting platform Xero. If you don’t already know, Xero is accounting software technology designed to save you time on your bookkeeping so you can spend time on what really matters – your business. We ...

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Having the right insurance cover protects your business

Types of Insurance to Consider for Your Business

Being a business owner is something many people aspire to and others are proud to have become. Having your own business comes with a wide range of considerations and responsibilities. Accountability increases with position and when you reach the level of ownership, so too does your ...

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Parent teaching their child about wealth management

Teaching Your Family About Wealth Management

Ensuring the prosperity of your biggest legacy, your children, is no easy task. A popular sentiment that transcends cultures around the world is that it takes just three generations to lose family accrued wealth. The likely reason behind this is that when a generation grows up without financial ...

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Mixed coworkers using digital technology

Moving To A Paperless Office

The concept of moving to a paperless workplace has been on the radar for many years, and it has become more feasible as technology continues to advance. Why then, in 2019, do we still rely so heavily on physical paper? Here are some of the key factors causing us to hold onto paper documents: ...

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Parent offering help to enter the property market

Giving Your Children a Hand in the Property Market

Entering the property market is an important life event that requires careful thought and preparation. This significant financial commitment often sees parents helping their children to secure property in one way or another. Parents often help their children enter the property market by acting ...

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Representation of person managing their cash flow successfully

The 5 Important Tips to Personal Cash Flow

Setting goals Creating personal objectives is a priority in managing cash flow. A great rule to follow when setting these is to make them SMART. SMART objectives are those which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. A simple example is “I aim to save $5,000 for my deposit ...

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Windows 7 will no longer be supported

Preparing for the End of Windows 7

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will officially no longer update or support the Windows 7 operating system after that date. At this point, the extended support that the system has been on since 2015 will be discontinued and Microsoft will no longer provide customer or security support for ...

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A home with severe flood damage

Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

We never think that our home will be threatened by fire, flood or natural disasters. It’s something that could happen, but mostly to other people. Life never works out that way though. Insurance works as a way to financially protect yourself, and in the event that something horrible does happen ...

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