A grandfather, son and grandson sitting on a dock fishing

Strategies to effectively manage the transition of wealth across generations

Research has shown that three-quarters of the time, wealth substantially decreases when passed through generations. Moreover, almost all assets are exhausted by the third generation. Lack of effective planning is often the root cause of this issue, which means it is crucial to construct a ...

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Businesses need appropriate technologies to defend against cyber attacks

How prepared are you for a cyber-attack?

As society becomes more reliant on technology, people are becoming increasingly exposed to the risk of having their personal details stolen via cybercriminals such as hackers or scammers. The Australian Government has identified that the main cybercrimes that Australians fall victim to are: ...

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Coworkers with digital technology discussing work

Four business technologies you need to have in the modern workplace

Investing in technology to improve your business is a more effective strategy than trying to cut corners to save money. Ensuring you have these four critical technologies in your business will not only improve your bottom line but protect you from the risks that come from being more reliant on ...

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Learn about the equity sweet spot

Keep that new car smell So, you’ve taken the wheel of your new car. You love how it hugs the road, all the new tech and, of course, that new car smell. If only you could make this feeling last. Well, you can. The equity sweet spot As every car owner knows, new cars instantly […]

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Voice technology is everywhere in 2019

Voice technology has been around for a while now, ever caught yourself saying, ‘Hey Siri‘? Yes, talking to our devices is becoming more common. Asking questions into our phones and watches doesn’t feel as silly as it did the first time we tried it. So now the world is ...

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How to tackle more than one mortgage

Taking on a mortgage means taking control of your finances. Adding an investment property to your loan portfolio requires additional discipline and planning. With interest rates lingering at record lows, it’s important those taking on another mortgage look beyond the here and now and invest in ...

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Bitcoin: 8 questions and answers

Bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin. It’s everywhere right now. On the news, in social media and in conversations. It’s probably the main topic during lunchtime at kindergarten, besides what icy pole flavour is the best. Okay so what is it? We decided to do some quick research with the most ...

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9 business productivity tools

Simple ways to make your team more efficient When teams use the right tools to work together, they can make huge gains in productivity – and the final outcome. Developing new ideas, solving problems and getting things done more efficiently sounds great. But with an ever-growing list of apps and ...

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Beautiful mountain range with purple sky

5 tips to an affordable trip to Europe

A holiday in Europe, ah nice thought but too expensive right? For most of us  – yes, the flights alone to somewhere in Europe would be too expensive, forget about it. Well maybe not. Below are five quick tips on how you can save and plan for a holiday in Europe. 1. Purchase flights well ...

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5 possible extra revenue streams

Today’s world is a demanding world. With the cost of living going up, school fees, petrol prices and let’s not forget the surging cost of electricity for homes and business – sometimes it’s just too hard to see the forest from the trees, the light at the end of the ...

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