Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Service offering includes monitoring and management of your IT equipment. This includes monthly reports on how your system is operating along with constant monitoring of your IT hardware so that we can address any issues as they arise. We consistently perform system patching and updates to ensure that your system is protected against any security vulnerabilities. Our technology specialists can remotely access your system to provide you with a prompt resolution to your IT issues, resulting in less downtime for your users.


Cloud Based Technologies

NBN now makes it possible for us to utilise cloud-based technologies. Any technology that does not require to be run on an in-house system, should be set up in a hosted or cloud-based environment. For email systems, we recommend using Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint to store your data and make use of productivity tools such as OneNote and Teams App. Microsoft Azure also makes it possible to host your server in the cloud environment.

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Systems and Security Audit

We visit your site, review your existing IT infrastructure then provide a comprehensive report of any issues found and offer our recommendations for any required technology changes. A Security Audit identifies any security breaches, firewall loopholes and highlights if your organisation is not following security best practice. We will generate a comprehensive security report and discuss how to rectify these issues.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

A proper backup solution is something that is often overlooked by businesses. It is not until you experience a critical failure that you find out that the software that was in place didn’t back up all that was required. Our backup solutions provide a fast recovery of your system should you experience a critical hardware failure.


Anti-virus Solutions

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide anti-virus and anti-spam internet security protection for your business. We can implement company-wide policies (including access to social media, watching and downloading video/audio files) as well as running automatic scans.

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Phone Systems

No longer do you need a physical PBX taking up space in your office – your phone system can now be hosted in a private cloud. This makes it easy to connect your office, have a standard message on hold and have a full disaster recovery option in case of any internet/phone line related issues. Thinking of relocating your office? Just pick up your handsets and plug them in at a new location.


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