The Importance of System Analytics and Audits for Your Business

The operations of most businesses are dependent on the performance of their IT systems. Failing to recognise threats or identify possible upgrades, or even to fully understand how your IT system should operate, can hinder business performance and create numerous security issues. Undertaking a system audit can be instrumental in mitigating such an impact.


An effective technology audit can fall into one of the following categories:

  • Systems and Applications (analysis of the systems and applications to ensure that performance is optimised across all levels);
  • Information Processing (ensures that the overall system processing is operating in a correct and timely manner);
  • Systems Development (provides the organisation with an assessment of systems at a point during development where amendments can be implemented, and processes upgraded);
  • IT Architecture Management (ensures the structured and efficient processes of the organisation’s IT management);
  • Telecommunications (focuses on the telecommunication controls between clients and servers).


The positive effects of an audit are numerous. Here are some of the key benefits that can greatly support your organisation’s performance:

Provides Data Driven Insights

Without effective monitoring of your organisation’s IT system, it is impossible to find the data driven insights yielded by performance measuring. The ever-changing nature of business, technology and IT solutions increases the likelihood that an organisation will not just fall behind in technological equipment, but also in recognising the performance of its IT environment. By monitoring your computer system, you can attain the insights required to improve and maximise the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Detects Problems

Proactive monitoring of IT systems increases the chances of detecting possible issues and preventing major disruptions. Additionally, in-depth and consistent monitoring efforts can identify possible risks, threats and vulnerabilities. So being able to detect these potential issues early, will help to pre-emptively deal with the effects of such issues, to minimise disruptions and downtime.

Plan for IT Upgrades

IT assets (including both software and hardware) have limited lifespans and are continuously being improved upon. Thus, it is important to not just be made aware of the prospective upgrades, but to also have an understanding of the performance of the current IT assets – failing to do so could result in cash flow challenges.

Improves Performance and Minimises Inactivity

The pressure of delivering a seamless IT infrastructure can be quickly shattered when staff are negatively impacted by a poor-performing IT system. So, monitoring your organisation’s IT system, is imperative to identifying the potential threats to business. By utilising an audit service, an organisation is able to optimise the performance of its technological infrastructure, as the potential threats and the need for possible upgrades can be identified.


Provide Technology offers a fully managed service, which includes monthly reporting of your system’s performance, along with monitoring your IT hardware. We consistently perform system patching and updates to ensure protection against any security vulnerabilities. Our technology specialists can remotely access your system to provide you with a prompt resolution to your IT issues, resulting in less downtime for your users.

For more information on the importance of systems analytics and IT audits, reach out to a member of the team at Provide Technology.