Unified continuity business solution concept

Why Your Business Needs Unified Continuity (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) Technology

Unified continuity and traditional backup are the two common data saving measures that all businesses rely on. The fundamental difference between the two choices is that unified technologies consist of fully integrated systems, while traditional backups do not. Traditional backups aren’t new to ...

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Why You Need to Review Your Financial Situation

Why You Need to Review Your Financial Situation

Most people don’t realise the scope of consequence of failing to regularly review your financial situation. Particularly in economic times as trying as these, failure to understand your income and expenses can make you highly prone to financial ruin. It seems like common sense and yet many ...

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Working with an insurance broker gives you confidence that you're protected with the right coverage.

Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, the reality is that accidents are a part of life – nearly everyone needs to make a claim at one time or another. While nobody likes paying for insurance, having suitable cover is just about a necessity in today’s world. No matter what happens in ...

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Debt consolidation can reduce financial burden by making your loan situation more manageable.

How Debt Consolidation Can Make Your Life Easier

Debt Consolidation proves to be a saving grace for many whose lives are made difficult by repayments. The pandemic economy is stretching borrowers very thin. At one time or another, nearly all us will take on debt. Few people have enough capital on hand to buy a car or a house outright from the ...

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In the pandemic economy, it's crucial to reevaluate your spending. Careful financial planning can help see you through the pandemic.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward in the Pandemic Economy

While it feels like there’s no relief in the current pandemic economy, there’s always decisions that can be made to make the best of your financial situation. Reduction of unnecessary expenses is an activity all people can undertake, regardless of their socioeconomic background. While ...

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Further information has been released on JobKeeper, including eligibility and turnover test details.

JobKeeper Turnover Tests and Further Guidance

The ATO have released further guidance in relation to the JobKeeper Payment scheme. Here we have provided a summary of the latest guidance and information: Eligible Business Participants Eligible business participants can enrol for JobKeeper in the same was as employers can enrol. That is, ...

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The JobKeeper payment scheme has had further details released on eligibility and employment.

JobKeeper Payment Update: Eligibility and Employment

Whilst the JobKeeper payment had been announced recently there has been a lack of detail as to the process and clarity around the rules. We have had a large volume of calls asking how the fall in turnover test operates and we now have further details as set out below. The procedure to claim the ...

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Update on the JobKeeper payment scheme and Victorian State Business Fund.

JobKeeper Scheme and Victorian State Government Business Support Fund Update

To address the turbulent economic situation fuelled by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government has introduced numerous new measures including the JobKeeper scheme to support individuals and businesses affected by the crisis. Today we are reaching out to update you on some new support initiatives: ...

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The economic stimulus package provides support through the pandemic

Economic Stimulus Package

Earlier in March, the Federal Government announced an economic stimulus package aimed at addressing the economic implications from the Coronavirus. The measures announced are summarised as follows: 1. Increasing the instant asset write-off The immediate asset write-off threshold will be ...

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Lockwood Partners and Provide Group are supporting our clients businesses

We are Here to Support You

Lockwood Partners and Provide Group are here to support all our clients and we are committed to remaining open for business, although many of our advisors may be required to work from home. We understand that a number of our clients have been and will be adversely impacted by the Coronavirus ...

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