step-by-step guide to your home loan process

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Home Loan Process

Purchasing a home loan can be overwhelming. Not only is it time-consuming from start to finish, but it can also get complicated due to the multiple areas that you need to consider.

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Review Your Home Loan

Is Now the Best Time to Review Your Home Loan?

Financing your home is one of the biggest commitments you will make in your lifetime. As such, it is essential to regularly review your home loan to ensure it is adaptive to your changing circumstances and the ever-changing economic climate. Individuals who are paying off an existing home loan ...

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Using a Broker is the Right Way

Why Using a Broker is the Right Way to Go

More Australians than ever are enlisting the services of a mortgage broker to secure the right home loan for themselves and their families. With a variety of options available, it can be hard to determine what lending institution or solution is going to provide you with the most value. To help ...

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ultimate guide to business loan

The Ultimate Guide to Qualifying for a Home Loan

Buying property is no small purchase. Potential homeowners and investors usually need extra financing on top of their savings to meet the cost of the property. With that said, here is an ultimate guide to qualifying for a home loan:

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business and commercial loans are essential to finance organisational growth and operation

A Guide to Business and Commercial Loans

Whether you’re already running a business or preparing to start one, there’s no shortage of matters that require your attention. Financing your business’s growth is one issue that few find easy – especially when thinking of the lasting consequences of that decision. Many also find it ...

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Investment brokers' advice is key when looking at investment loans

What You Need to Know about Investment Loans

Investments provide a critical source of income and financial security for so many of us. Before you can begin investing, you need to finance your plans. This is easier said than done though, and plenty of people can’t afford to do so upfront. Many who are in this situation look to use ...

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The mortgage holiday extension will offer borrowers the option to continue their repayment deferment at the cost of accrued interest

What You Need to Know about the Mortgage Holiday Extension

Come September, Australians who have been hit hard economically by the pandemic will have the choice to commit to a further mortgage holiday extension. While on the surface this spells good news, the extension is not without consequence. When deciding whether to continue the deferment period, ...

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Loan conversion is proving to be a useful finance option for borrowers needing some relief during the pandemic

Easing Your Finances with Loan Conversion

Using a suitable financing strategy in the right circumstances can save a mortgage owner a lot of money and stress. The current economy has put pressure on all of us. Those with debt may be feeling particularly stressed at the moment, while their financial commitments are especially burdensome. ...

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The HomeBuilder grant will award $25,000 to successful applicants building or renovating their house

The $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant

The Federal Government has just announced the HomeBuilder grant as another component of the economic stimulus package. HomeBuilder pledges $25,000 to eligible applicants who are building or renovating their homes. Those who sign a building contract between June 4 and December 31, 2020, will be ...

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Debt consolidation can reduce financial burden by making your loan situation more manageable.

How Debt Consolidation Can Make Your Life Easier

Debt Consolidation proves to be a saving grace for many whose lives are made difficult by repayments. The pandemic economy is stretching borrowers very thin. At one time or another, nearly all us will take on debt. Few people have enough capital on hand to buy a car or a house outright from the ...

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