Four business technologies you need to have in the modern workplace

Investing in technology to improve your business is a more effective strategy than trying to cut corners to save money. Ensuring you have these four critical technologies in your business will not only improve your bottom line but protect you from the risks that come from being more reliant on technology.


Anti-virus solutions

Using the internet for downloading files, videos and photos online makes it easier for your system to catch viruses. Viruses can cause a system to run slowly, damage parts of the computer system, create unauthorised messages and even be spread between computers within the office or your contacts.

Installing an anti-virus system is crucial to protecting your system thanks to continuous scans that alert you of any signs of a breach in your system’s security.


Cloud software

Cloud technology has fast become a must-have in recent times. Cloud software acts as a storage system where you can store all information and data in one place. This allows you to access the information anywhere in the world at any time where there’s an internet connection. This works perfectly for companies with more than one office or operate offsite, as you can access it from any location that has internet access.

There are several cloud software systems available including Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote and Team Apps.


Backup and disaster recovery software

Don’t be caught out when your systems fail! Many businesses can get caught up in the day-to-day nature of business and forget to securely backup all their business’ data should the worst happen. Systems and hardware may break down anytime, so it is important to install a backup system. Backup and recovery systems are two important processes in creating and storing copies of data that can be recalled at any time.


Online phone systems

Today, businesses have moved away from traditional phone lines. Similar to the cloud system, there are private cloud technologies for your phone system. This system allows for easier connection with your offices in different locations and is most useful for when relocating offices. Phone systems are hosted in a private cloud allowing standard messages to be on hold and have a recovery system in place to avoid any landline or internet issues when your office relocates.

The more tech-savvy your business can become, the more efficient it will be. It pays to be smart with the technology you adopt, as it will save you time, money and avoid the stress that comes when technology lets you down. Should you require any assistance with choosing, installing or maintaining the right technology for your business, contact our experienced team at Provide Technology.