Biggest Mistakes in Managing Personal Wealth

Personal finance management is a skill that some of us never manage to develop. Regardless of your level of income, managing wealth effectively will give you the most freedom you can have in spending and living. Those who struggle with it are prone to similar traits and mistakes that strain their financial situation. Consideration of the below finance management mistakes can make the process much easier:


Laziness Tax

While it can be boring to spend time managing finances, it is critical to the conservation of your wealth. The laziness tax can be considered the extra amount you pay on anything because you didn’t take the time to research the cheapest or best option. Of course, you can’t do this for every minor purchase. Recognise areas where you can shop around and doing so will provide you with better purchase prices and put more money back into your pocket.

Receipt Management

Proper organisation of receipts is essential in looking after your finances. Consider digitising them to ease the process. This will make it less work to track them – tracking your receipts makes it easier to look after your expenses and prepares you for tax time.

Failure to Budget for Lifestyle Inflation

Inflation must be considered over the long-term when setting budgets. Expenses will increase over time and failure to update your budgets will put you in a disadvantaged position. You may find yourself without enough money to afford what you need or, your spending will consistently exceed your expectations. To counter this, regularly review your budget and consider updating your expenses to be more realistic.

No Emergency Fund

Unforeseen circumstances can derail your financial situation. This can happen to anyone and is likely to occur at some point in your life. Effective contingency planning for this would be to have an emergency fund. You’ll need to budget for this and build it up over time. An emergency fund can be a saving grace in the event of losing a job or other events that jeopardise your finances.

Failure to Track Spending

Tracking spending is crucial to effective money management. Simply put, failure to follow your expenses makes it impossible to stick to a budget. Hand-in-hand with this, it will drastically cloud your judgement as to what you can and cannot afford. Financial management relies on planning and you simply cannot do this without tracking how much you spend and what you spend your money on.


Improving your wealth management skills is a development that can take time to achieve. Hard work and consistency are key to increasing your financial perception. Spontaneous purchases are likely to occur sometimes but, improving your money management will reduce the frequency and adverse consequence of these. For more information on personal finance management, speak to the team at Provide Wealth.