Organisations need to control their business risk

Why You Can’t Ignore Business Insurance Risk

The old adage nothing worth having comes easy rings very true when it comes to business. Being a business owner is one of the more difficult but rewarding endeavours you can pursue. Responsibilities, duties, challenges and other types of business risk leave plenty to think about both during and after the working day. Taking an active approach to manage the risks involved in running a business leaves the organisation in the best position to succeed.

Types of Business Risk

Understanding different kinds of business risk is essential to the successful management of any organisation. By keeping a handle on the various types of risk, business owners can ensure that their policies provide a financial safeguard. The overarching categories of risk which business owners must keep in check are:

  • Operational – Operational risks are those that come during the everyday course of business. Anything involving yourself, your employees, your customers or your goods or services could invoke operational risk.
  • Compliance – Compliance risk concerns your ability to operate in accordance with relevant governmental and regulatory mandates. Keep ahead of your obligations to minimise your compliance risk.
  • Reputational – Control reputational risk by minimising things like data security breaches. Securing a suitable insurance policy can be an effective solution to protect your valuable data.

Business owners need to be dedicated to ensure the long-term security of their organisation. Although many operational and reputational risks can be mitigated with appropriate use of insurance policies, other kinds of risk depend on owners’ attentiveness and commitment to their business and industry.

What You’re Risking

Business owners need to prepare for the worst. There are ups and downs, so expecting the unexpected is key to persevering through challenges. A combination of effective planning, research and suitable cover will leave your business in the best position. Some of the more common specific risks facing business owners today include:

  • Professional Indemnity and Liability – As a business owner, you can be liable for any damages suffered by another person or entity caused by your business activities. Businesses can cover this risk with a product and public liability policy. Professional indemnity insurance specifically protects your business against claims for alleged negligence or breach of duty resulting from the delivery of your professional service.
  • Data Breaches – Loss of company or client data can cause serious operational issues and reputational damage. Offset the financial consequence of a data breach with a cyber insurance policy.
  • Disruption – Many have found themselves in financial hardship throughout the pandemic. A business interruption policy can protect an organisation from an insured event which prevents them from trading and earning income.
  • Property Damage – There’s little a business owner can do to prevent damages to the premises if the cause is an unruly patron or serious weather. A general property policy can reduce the financial consequence and help get repairs in order.


If 2020 has taught business owners anything, it’s that it’s always wise to be prepared for the worst. Unexpected circumstances and hardships are a reality of life, so it’s always worth protecting the things you care about with an insurance policy. For more information on business risks and insurance policies, reach out to the team at Provide Insurance.