Equipment Finance

Equipment or vehicle loans can help preserve cash flow while also helping to generate new income with a new asset. There are also possible tax benefits and as lenders often consider the asset as the collateral, you don’t need to secure it against any personal property. Choosing the right asset and equipment finance strategy can give you further benefits than just preserving your day-to-day funds such as:

  • Assets and equipment can generate immediate income
  • Equipment finance can help preserve working capital
  • Fixed or flexible repayments which, depending on your situation, may give you the ability to budget more accurately
  • The asset secures the loan, in which case you don’t have to lock up your property security which can be preserved for future finance such as working capital
  • There may be potential tax advantages to consider

What can be financed?

Any asset, plant or equipment that can help generate income for your business may be able to be financed, and can include:

  • Plant and machinery
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Solar power equipment
  • Computers, photocopiers and phone systems
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Office equipment
  • General business equipment
  • Internal fit-outs

Contact the team at Provide Finance and acquire your business’ equipment with less stress today.

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