Income Protection

When it comes to taking out insurance, people will protect their home, contents and vehicles. However, should anything happen to you, protecting your income so that you can fund your day-to-day life must be your number one priority.

If illness or injury prevents you from working meaning you can’t meet the bills and regular expenses of life, income protection insurance provides you and your family with the appropriate protections and support. Your income protection policy will pay you a monthly amount (typically up to 75% of your salary), directly to you while you are unable to produce an income. This will ease the stress and pressure on your family to maintain a level of financial security and normality.

We work with you to put together a strategy and determine a protection policy that will suit your needs and secure your financial future. Protection policies are generally flexible and can be tailored to suit your individual and family circumstances. Some insurers also offer the ability to pay for your premiums via your superannuation and payments are generally tax-deductible.

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