What You Need to Know When Buying a New Printer

Printing technology continues to change, leaving the bulky printers of the past behind. As technology changes, prices continue to fall as well. Today, it seems there are so many options available it can be difficult to make a selection about buying a new printer when considering which is the best for your needs.


The most important consideration you’ll need to think about is the primary purpose or function which your printer will be used for. Are you printing documents, printing photos, printing in black and white, copying, scanning or faxing? Let the purpose and the needs of your company guide the decision-making process. Below, are the main options you’ll think about for your new printer purchase.


The inkjet printer is the most popular choice. These work by expelling droplets of ink onto paper. The biggest advantage to an inkjet printer is the price point. Some even cost less than the ink cartridges they use, because their manufacturers have committed to making their profits on the sales of paper and cartridges.


Photo printers are specialised for photo and image printing. However, lots of inkjet printers are advanced enough now that they produce photos indistinguishable from photo printers for many purposes. Photo printers can print directly from memory card devices and have LCD screens to preview images. They typically have more ink options that allow for better photo printing. Usually, a high-quality inkjet is a better choice, but consider a photo printer if you continue to print photos in high volume.


Laser printers are chosen because of their speed and running costs. These printers require a greater initial investment than some other options, but the cost per page is usually much lower. Instead of ink cartridges, laser printers use toners which last much longer and costs less.

Dye sublimation

For lots of image purposes, a high-quality inkjet or photo printer will suffice. Dye sublimation printers are suited to the highest quality graphic design needs. Instead of toner or ink, they use multiple colour films to create colour on the page. The cost per page and the printer itself make it an affordable choice for elite graphic printing.


These are one of the oldest printing technologies and they have been able to escape obsolescence. Simply put, they are the best type for printing long multi-part forms. If this is something your business needs, consider buying a dot matrix printer.


If you need more capability beyond printing, this is the obvious choice. Common other functions are printing, scanning, copying and faxing. The printing technology used by multifunction printers is typically inkjet or laser.  For many offices, this is an ideal choice, as these other functions are frequently needed.


At the end of the day, choose the printer that works best for your company needs. For any questions regarding the selection of printing technology, reach out to our experienced team at Provide Technology.